Interplay Media Ltd. is a ‘results based digital agency’ provides ‘out of the box’  innovative solutions on a wide range of prestigious frameworks in web marketing and online entertainment which required research, analysis and winning strategy for competitive market penetration, build online exposure and recognition, build traffic or driving users by creating a viral effects using a range of white-hat techniques with proven results.

Established in 2002 by Mr. Gal Yosseph a 22-year veteran, former musician and bass guitar player also known as one of the longest running affiliates online, with a proven track record in building a world class management team and organization from the early stage to a global and successful business. Founder and former Chairman of Interplay Media Limited a leading digital media company 2002-2019,  following his role as director of online marketing at babylon.com (TLV: BBYL) in 1998-2000

Interplay provides the following services:

  • Market analysis and strategies
  • Web development & Digital marketing
  • Media production & campaign management
  • Business branding & representation
  • Training & consulting