Why ‘domain names’ should be part of your real estate mix..

When it comes to real estate investment, particularity by looking from return of investment prespective, minimize risks and capital growth perspective, one of the most interesting direction is, investing in domain names. Domain registrar such as GoDaddy & others, enable you to buy a domain name started with few dollars.. completing the purchase procedure – after found your desired domain available and can simply added to the auction.. from $50 up to $99999 / unit.

“Defining the ‘hot domains’ for today or tomorrow, or which names have good market potential and not yet taken, is the ‘name of the game..'”

Following is a link to my domain name auction portfolio.. as you can see I invested in names with future potential such as: Bitcoin /  Libra – new FB digital money to be launched on 2020, and other names with existing market potential for entertainment / adult industry and others:


To make me an offer for one of the following domains click here
To search for your desired domain go to: http://godaddy.com

Benefits of domain investment:

  • There is no trade off of $9 – $99k  in traditional Real estate
  • The initial risk / purchase is incomparable to virtual one
  • The ease of trading – can buy / sell from your own comfort
  • Debit card & other payment methods.. PayPal etc.. are accepted
  • The world goes virtual: digital coins, e-commerce, social
  • The *.com value & popularity constantly grows along the years..
  • Good domain name can be a base for a business on/off
  • Can be also rented / affiliated / co Branded / white labeled
  • No risk of Earthquakes / 3D house printing tech










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