Why your casino download link must be ‘interplayed’

There are different ways to gamble online. by downloading the gaming application directly from the casino official site, to play live without downloading, to download it from external listings such as: titles in download catalogs, affiliate sites, Top lists etc.. is important to be aware of potential risks such as:

  • Bad reputation brand
  • Spywares, melwares, phishing
  • Fair play issues or payout difficulties
  • Poor / language limited support
  • Too modest welcome bonus

Since the most important principals for REAL money players are: trust, safety, fair play, payouts, support, games and bonuses..

Why your casino links must be ‘interplayed’!?

Interplay is a bridge between players and operators since 2002. is dealing only with the leading trusted casinos online and offers benefits to casino players such as: special bonuses, matchbonus, freecash, freespin and more..
its constantly growing community InterPlayers Get More (IPGM) enables better deals than the casino operators from the official sites.

Does your link ‘interplayed’!?

To be sure your download link is ‘interplayed’ – you must download the casino safely from the InterPlay Get More FB posts.. to join the community, click here or to have the word INTERPLAY in the download links as follow:


Following interplayed links you will find out that the offers are improved in comparison to the official casino site and that what makes Interplay popular and growing..

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