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2020 Top 10 Online Casinos

Selected Online Casinos* with excellent reputation, rated by: safety, fairplay, payout, support, games & promotion:


*All links are safe, checked and provide you with the best welcome offer..

Why your casino download link must be ‘interplayed’

There are different ways to gamble online. by downloading the gaming application directly from the casino official site, to play live without downloading, to download it from external listings such as: titles in download catalogs, affiliate sites, Top lists etc.. is important to be aware of potential risks such as:

  • Bad reputation brand
  • Spywares, melwares, phishing
  • Fair play issues or payout difficulties
  • Poor / language limited support
  • Too modest welcome bonus

Since the most important principals for REAL money players are: trust, safety, fair play, payouts, support, games and bonuses..

Why your casino links must be ‘interplayed’!?

Interplay is a bridge between players and operators since 2002. is dealing only with the leading trusted casinos online and offers benefits to casino players such as: special bonuses, matchbonus, freecash, freespin and more..
its constantly growing community InterPlayers Get More (IPGM) enables better deals than the casino operators from the official sites.

Does your link ‘interplayed’!?

To be sure your download link is ‘interplayed’ – you must download the casino safely from the InterPlay Get More FB posts.. to join the community, click here or to have the word INTERPLAY in the download links as follow:

Following interplayed links you will find out that the offers are improved in comparison to the official casino site and that what makes Interplay popular and growing..

Why having eWallet with bitcoins is not “luxury” anymore..

No, i am not going to expand about blockchain technology ..

It’s enough to understand that the internet is shifting from internet of information to the internet of value – thanks to the Blockchain technology, a secured database managed by a global network of computers.. enables transactions to be registered simultaneously and validate in few seconds.. is shaping the web and changing the world we know.. day by day.. hour by hour.. in different domains but especially in financial..

I will try to keep this post as simple as possible.. in my point of view, having an electronic wallet with some bitcoin holding is not a “luxury” anymore or actually is a very good idea.. considering the following factors:

  • Forecast of a range of analists that One bitcoin will reach the level of one million us dollars..
  • The vision of Bitcoin as the ‘NEW GOLD’ asside the upcoming Facebook new currency: Libra as the ‘NEW DOLLAR’ is processing..
  • Its logic to have local worldwide currency and to enable direct transfer without involving of third parties.. people deserve more than slow transaction, high commission and other sickness of traditional banking systems..
  • The fact that its popularity is constantly growing.. in general and in comparison to the other virtual / crypto currencies.. and that momentarily, there is no any real alternative to this solution..
  • The understanding that nobody can really stop the future.. governments.. banks.. will try..

Let get into the numbers:

Considering the value of one bitcoin today is ~10K USD. If the analists right and single bitcoin will reach the level of one million dollar.

You make 100 times of anything you have in your eWallet now. 1000 USD will became 100000 USD and so on. So if you have some believe in bitcoin, it will be smart to give it some attention.. sign-up for electronic wallet and fill it with some bitcoins holding..

How to setup your electronic wallet and buy bitcoins:

  1. In order to start the process all you need is an ‘active email account’ and a ‘strong password’
  2. Next thing is to signup for one of the electronic wallet solutions online.. are many different companies* but my advise is to stick to coinbase which is known and trusted and offer very easy procedure.. so,
    ** Signup with Coinbase **
    – you will need to ‘verify the confirmation link’ automatically sent to you..
    and you will find your wallet ID address right down the email as follow or under ‘tools’ in your account:Example of electronic wallet address:

    Your Wallet ID:

  3. After setup your electronic wallet in coinbase it’s the perfect time to connect your bank account, debit cards or other alternative payment methods (paypal etc..) to your account and simply buy bitcoins..

After completing the setup procedure you will be able to access your electronic wallet from any of your devices such as: mobile, ipad, desktop etc.. and screen your live statistics anytime.. E.g. a screenshot of coinbase digital wallet:


For any questions about bitcoin and electronic wallets contact us:

Alternative electronic wallets:

Why ‘domain names’ should be part of your real estate mix..

When it comes to real estate investment, particularity by looking from return of investment prespective, minimize risks and capital growth perspective, one of the most interesting direction is, investing in domain names. Domain registrar such as GoDaddy & others, enable you to buy a domain name started with few dollars.. completing the purchase procedure – after found your desired domain available and can simply added to the auction.. from $50 up to $99999 / unit.

“Defining the ‘hot domains’ for today or tomorrow, or which names have good market potential and not yet taken, is the ‘name of the game..'”

Following is a link to my domain name auction portfolio.. as you can see I invested in names with future potential such as: Bitcoin /  Libra – new FB digital money to be launched on 2020, and other names with existing market potential for entertainment / adult industry and others:


To make me an offer for one of the following domains click here
To search for your desired domain go to:

Benefits of domain investment:

  • There is no trade off of $9 – $99k  in traditional Real estate
  • The initial risk / purchase is incomparable to virtual one
  • The ease of trading – can buy / sell from your own comfort
  • Debit card & other payment methods.. PayPal etc.. are accepted
  • The world goes virtual: digital coins, e-commerce, social
  • The *.com value & popularity constantly grows along the years..
  • Good domain name can be a base for a business on/off
  • Can be also rented / affiliated / co Branded / white labeled
  • No risk of Earthquakes / 3D house printing tech










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Time for a true Las Vegas experience

wildvegas_fbWhat Happens in Vegas, Stays in Wild Vegas – Wild Vegas prides itself on taking the true Las Vegas experience to all its players online. From great courtesy bonuses, show tickets, prize giveaways and over 100 Casino Games, with better than Vegas odds, Wild Vegas Casino is the best casino online for a true Las Vegas experience. Visit Now! Continue reading Time for a true Las Vegas experience