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How to buy bitcoins for dummies

No, i am not going to write you about blockchain technology or other long stories..

Its enough to understand the blockchain concept as a secured database managed by a global network of computers.. I will try to keep this post as simple as possible.. having an electronic wallet with some bitcoin holding is not a luxury anymore.. considering the optimistic estimations of 100 Million Us dollars per one single bitcoin, the nonstop mining activities, the vision of Bitcoin as the ‘new gold’ plus the fact that its popularity and value is constantly growing, makes it more then logic to invest in this channel..

Setup your electronic wallet and buy bitcoins

  1. In order to start the process all you need is an ‘active email account’ and a ‘strong password’
  2. Next thing is to signup for one of the electronic wallet solutions online.. are many different companies* but my advise is to stick to coinbase which is known and trusted and offer very easy procedure.. so,
    ** Signup with Coinbase **
    – you will need to ‘verify the confirmation link’ automatically sent to you..
    and you will find your wallet ID address right down the email as follow or under ‘tools’ in your account:

    Example of electronic wallet address:

    Your Wallet ID:

  3. After setup your electronic wallet in coinbase it’s the perfect time to connect your bank account, debit cards or other alternative payment methods (paypal etc..) to your account and buy bitcoins..

After completing the setup procedure you will be able to access your electronic wallet from any of your devices such as: mobile, desktop etc.. and screen your live statistics anytime.. E.g. a screenshot of coinbase digital wallet:


For any questions about bitcoin and electronic wallets contact us:

Alternative electronic wallets: